Saturday, 21 March 2015

10 things I learnt from travelling

10 things I learnt from travelling

1. Spontaneity 

Whenever you are taking the sidewalk that leads to god knows where or deciding that you will sleep on this particular meadow the power of spontaneity is within you. That is what makes your trip memorable and helps you get a much more profound impression of that particular place. Not to say that organized trips and excursions are not worth it but from time to time it is good to move around without any limitation whatsoever. 

2. Organization 

I don’t know about you but most of the time I had gone somewhere with friends I was the talking head, preparing the agenda and the routes. When I am travelling with a group I can be pain in the a** pushing everybody forward or warning that we should not be late for the train. Like in the army. 

3. Orientation 

Even in the cities in Asia you can see the pattern in the street planning. After some years you can see a map for a couple of minutes and then make the actual walk for hours and arrive at the exact point of interest. Magic? No just the good old travelling experience? 

4. Planning in advance 

What can go wrong? Maybe I can stay another day there without interfering with the bigger scheme. Or I can skip visiting this attraction in order to guarantee that there will be enough time. No matter whether you are just visiting a city or going in the countryside your planning skills have improved and now you can approach a problem from various angles. 

5. Self – confidence

There is a tiny line from which this quality can transform itself into self-conceit. But, after all, not all the people from your circle can brag about places and exotic countries you have already pinned on the map. 

6. Respect 

Don’t judge or fall victim of prejudice. Meeting so many people from various social status and background urges you to be open – minded and trust others. People are people everywhere. 

7. Communication

Striking a conversation – especially valid for shy person or introverts. That is not to say that you have to change your unique individuality only to fit in the polite society. But, admit it, after you ‘ve been here and there you can always refer to a funny story with the police in ... country or when you got lost while going to .... That will not be possible if you got stuck to your miserable city and got hammered every Friday night. 

8. Stress (crisis) management

Remember the time when your wallet got stolen and you did not have a clue how to issue your papers or when you lost your rucksack. No more hectic running back and forth, now you have to deal with everything step by step applying logic and calmness.

9. Re-assessing your values and priorities

Going through a tough period. Why don’t you run away and leave everything – of course only for a couple of weeks. Some good decisions might be awaiting you once you move away from the routing and break the cycle. 

10.  Patience 

Sitting in the back of a weird taxi driver or taking a free ride from a person who you have just met forces you to remain stable. You know the old saying: when you can’t change the situation, change yourself.

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