Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The grass is always greener in Stoneheven

                    Walking around Stonehaven, Dunnottar Castle, Aberdeenshire

Just about an hour from Aberdeen lies the marvellous town of Stonehaven. Service X7 (

During the summer the region boasts with water parks and various outdoor activities both for parents and kids. East coast does not have so many gaelic signs which is totally opposite the situation of the western coast. The sea unfortunately is not suitable for swimming unless you have special equipment. 

Dunnottar Castle. Undoubtedly, the main hotspot of the region. Imagine a ruined castle connected to the land by only a tiny strip of cliff rock. The perfect ingredient for spicing up your escape from the boring reality.

In case you take the path along the seaside (to Dunnottar) you will be accompanied by seagull screams and the weaves splash. I will always remember the green grass of the fields along the coast. The colour was so bright and vivid as if it were artificial. The locals are walking their dogs where once their glorious ancestors defended their honour. 

The walk starts from the central alley and passes through a small, secluded harbour, occupied by numerous small hotels and BnB’s to accommodate the tourists.

Great place indeed! When you get close to the hill top you witness the subtle transition from grey nuances to green. Near the town is a small War memorial which looks majestic on a bright, sunny day. Scotland is a perfect example of how a country should commemorate the people that sacrificed their lives for higher ideals. Being close to the sea, sky and the green rug I felt humbled and honoured to visit the sacred monument in favour of the brave highlanders.

We haven’t finished yet – Dunnotar Castle is visible from afar like a gloomy mirage. When you approach it the view is breath-taking, pure architecture genius. A bit of history – my favourite Picts were the first people that inhabited the region. 1990 Mel Gibson in Hamlet was fortunate enough to set his foot on this area. 

Watching the landscape around the coastal line injects in you an obscure feeling which will capture you and will not let you away for a long period. It looks distant and at the same time appeals to you. But let’s not get carried away. We have to go back to the civilization, but this time a bit more inspired.

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