Sunday, 21 December 2014

Camden Town - Off the grid of London

I remember the first time I set my foot on this sacred ground. I didn’t know anything about that strange and off the grid location. I was looking for an address in the area and came to realize that there is something non - Londonish really going on here. First, I was struck by the noise and the way it contrasted with the rest of the city. In case you pass the borderline, voila, you are now transported to a completely different dimension. 

The heaven for alternative cultures – punks, metalheads, skaters, goths... You want to get your body tattooed – Camden offers a great variety of choice. I adore old CDs so just when you pop out of the Tube station a few meters and there you are. Two shops in a row, I can’t wait to get my dangling fingers on the dusty collections. 

Camden Town is a vibrant place which keeps swirling not only during the day. Numerous venues attract people from all background and walks of life, so expect it to be crowded. 


Mexican, Iranian, Chinese, Jamaican. The international market on the lock is the hot spot and a real melting pot of tastes and odours.


Plenty of organic cafes, offering cakes and snacks. My personal favorite – My Village cafe ( . Just for the unique atmosphere and the Kurdish shop-owner. 

Souvenirs and shopping

If you are into ethnic stuff this is number 1 place in London. Necklaces, Celtic jewellery, handcrafted stuff ...My personal pick was a Buddhist shop offering malas, prayer wheels, statues, etc. If you are struggling to find a present for your buddy or better half in Camden town you can choose over quite eccentric and original gifts. You can try your bargaining skills if you are competent enough. 

I have almost forgotten the Indian bed spreads. Take a look at my own below. 

Rock T-shirts. I was kind of amazed to hear a Chinese seller trying to convince me to buy the black T Shirts. I am sure in their spare time they bang their heads on Metallica and Guns N Roses. 

The bridge, or yeah, the bridge where you would expect the gondola to appear out from the mist. Or more likely a pot smoker, offering you his precious stock.

One thing is for sure in Camden Town – there is always something going on – not for laid back, mediocre personalities.

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