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Long walk waltz - 1 day trip to Vienna

One day solo trip in Vienna

What do you associate Austria’s capital with: culture, operas, concerts, parks and cafes? The city played major role in modernism and was until the First World War part of Austro-Hungarian Empire. 

The Giant Wheel (Wiener Riesenrad) was my starting point and I was determined to cover the majority of the tourist hotspots in Vienna for a day. I was coming from Brno by bus and arrived really early about 5 a.m. or so. Not the most appropriate time to find an open toilette, indeed.

Vienna Streets                                                                Photo Credit: Emmanuel DYAN 

One possible sightseeing walk: 

Make a circular stroll around the central area (Old Town / Innere Stadt), where most of the main historical attractions are situated and then head towards the Schonbrunn Palace via Linke Wienzeile (you can use the underground).

The gardens and parks were truly unique. Spacious and surrounded by numerous fountains and statues of famous composers. Indeed a wonderful place to chill axe and contemplate over the important things in life. Because I want to have balanced view on every location I visit, I thought to myself: maybe if you are living for a long time there the atmosphere is too laid back. If you manage to stroll away from the main tourist roads you can observe the apartment buildings with reddish colour where the ordinary people are occupied with their domestic chores. Make sure you pin one of the bakeries (near Maria Theresa Square for example) offering variety of sweets and desserts to satisfy your appetite. Stop by to have a small, delicious cake for about 5 Euros.

I will not bother you by describing all the attractions in the central area (St Stephan Cathedral, Hofburg, countless museums and operas). I am sure you will see them, anyway. 

Hofburg Palace Vienna, Austria                                          Photo Credit: Costel Slincu 

Theatres and galleries. White marble is a dominant material used in the creation of the stunning architecture of Vienna. Angelic figures are almost dancing on every facade or wall. Stretching their hands so as to penetrate into our mortal dimensions and tell us long forgotten stories. You realise how this city inspired so many great thinkers and musician of our modern age. Over there Mozart had his coffee and probably Sigmund Freud bought groceries nearby. 

Soviet war memorial (in short - Heldendenkmal der Roten Armee). The construction took place immediately after the Second World War. Despite all the controversy this type of monuments rises, the Austrians are showing how everybody should preserve the past and take unbiased opinion on past events.

Schonbrunn Palace. I did a quite challenging walk along the main road Linke Wienzeile. I don’t recommend you do this unless you exercise often and enjoy keeping fit. Of course the Underground is there waiting for you if you. In fact, if you are pressed by the time do spend a few Euros to the Zoo station. Although not so attractive as the central area if you dare to use your feet you will immerse yourself in the real atmosphere of the city below the surface. Catch the rhythm of the capital!

Schonbrunn Palace, in Vienna, Ovelooking the City                           Photo Credit: Five Seven

Shady region around the Bus Station to Brno. Now back in the days there were many youngsters in gangster outfit but it was maybe just the dominant fashion. The closer you walked towards the Bus Station the more ethnically diverse the people become. Don’t know what is the current situation, though.

After this extensive walking day everything in my mind was like in a whirlpool: places, statues, parks, sounds. One thing is for sure - I got more cultural and civilized by visiting Austria’s capital.

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