Wednesday, 7 May 2014

10 tips on how to travel cheap around the world

10 tips on how to travel cheap around the world.

 Next time you go abroad you can try the following hacks:

1. Airport sleeping

Do you want to spend a huge sum for accommodation only for a 7 hour sleep in order to catch your flight on the following day? Neither do I, that’s why whenever possible you can bring your sleeping bag and join the club. The only requirement is to have your boarding tickets on you.

2. Hostels 

 Breakfast included in many of them and an option to cook your own meal. They attract people from all walks of life and cultures. You can bump into a writer or a computer geek and the common denominator is their passion for travelling.

3. Food 

 Go around the groceries, open markets and the bigger supermarkets chains. Keep your eyes open on the products that are at reasonable prices (such as commodities that locals use on a regular basis) instead of imported commodities.

4. Currency 

Most of the time, the case is that local conversion rate is much more preferable compared to the one at your country. I mean you can exchange a small sum at home for basic needs but don’t convert everything. Do your homework prior to your arrival. In Brno, Czech Republic for example the rate of the banks is not so favourable and the clerks will direct you to the outside kiosks.

5. Charity shops

 You can buy there a book, clothes even some souvenirs. There was a story, I read somewhere, that a lady bought really expensive piece of cloth from such a shop, which eventually turned out to be quite valuable.

6. Public transport vs taxis 

China is an exception, however in Bulgaria taxis are a tourist trap. Finding your way with the complex transport system may be a bit challenging but as a rule of a thumb will save your precious currency. Every country puts priority on a different type of transport and somewhere buses are the best option, while in other places trains. Ask uncle Google about it. Hitch-hiking is another option, also but I am not a professional on this sport.

7. Walking

 Getting around the city centre or to and from the railway station that way is good for your health and keeps your expenditure low. That is how I visited some of the European capitals and am enjoyed myself thoroughly. You will admire the charming alleys that lie hidden away from the overexposed roads.

8. Not visiting the main attractions

 Are you insane? I've come all the way to take a photo of myself on this and that Catholic Church, or castle. That’s correct, but think about it, you can see the tower from outside, not necessarily from the inside. I am not trying to make you ignorant or something, just when you are on a limited budget you can omit the skyrocket prices of the central attractions. Watch out for free museums, instead.

9. Bargain

 It is not possible to do it in most European cities, but in Asia it is even looked upon with a good eye and is indispensable part of the local customs.

10. SIM card

 Well in case you are staying for a few days you may not bother to do so, but otherwise is a good investment.

What are your tricks? Feel free to expand the list in the comments...

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