Monday, 17 March 2014

Q and A prior to your arrival in America

New Ark buildings, near New York

Should I use taxis from the airport?

Yes, of course if your company is paying for it. Otherwise you are going to spend a hefty sum. It is worth mentioning that in case the driver asks you for the destination before you are in the cab or if they refuse service, they are breaking the law.

Drinking in pubs?

Through my experience it is a kind of cumbersome to find a pub in a typical American city. This is extremely valid if you are not familiar with the place. During my stay there was an occasion where a person I was working with had to check out the yellow paper to locate the nearest pub. Can you imagine? I assume nowadays there are many Android applications to help you with the task. BTW drinking in public is not looked upon with good eye (unlike some European cities).

What about conversations etiquette?

Political issues are widely discussed. Contrary to the common belief many people oppose to the current state of affairs and criticise the people in authority. Yes, don’t assume automatically that all the Americans are the same just because they are one of the superpowers.

Are there any good shopping deals?

Yes there are, electronics and clothes in some of the big stores are at a reasonable prices. Make sure to check out your situation with taxation and VAT. It is a global world but it still depends where you are coming from.

I heard it’s a police state out there, is it true?

Again, I am speaking from my humble experience. Yes, you should not be surprised if approached by police officers for no apparent reason (unless you look suspicious, just kidding). After all, they are there to prevent bad things happening, aren't they?

What about hotels?

In most of them the breakfast is included, but do ask in advance. As a matter of fact, in many of them (West Coast) there are outdoor swimming pools and if you are lucky even spa tube.

What should I expect to eat?

Let’s be honest and sort out one thing in advance – Americans are not famous for their cuisine, right? You may stick to the standard branches Taco Bell, Mc you know who, and Subways. I will share with you one secret, because you would be too embarrassed to ask on the counter. Yes, you can refill your sodas for FREE. Watch your calories, I am just saying, no offence.

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