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San Marino, Italy - the smallest and the oldest state republic in Europe

San Marino, Italy - the smallest and the oldest state republic in Europe

Vatican is the smallest state in the world, but San Marino which is the fifth smallest country can boast of being the oldest republic in Europe established in 4th century.

Located near the Adriatic Coast and protected by mount Titano, it stands high on the horizon when you are approaching from the highway. It offers splendid panoramic view of the houses down below and the green fields.

Getting there:

Getting there

Emilia-Romagna in Northern Italy. Can be combined with visiting Rimini and Ravena. Make sure to stop by Predappio on your way if you are passing Forli.


My visit in the “country” was marked by going in a mall at the foot of the hill (Atlante Shopping Center, but it is not the only one) with a really good CD shop. Huge and versatile collection of albums over there, and as a fan of not so commercial music I had to spend some Euros. Just to give you a hint you can choose among the following genres: ambient, metal, jazz, rock etc.

The top:

The castles rest, high above like gigantic nests, perched on the edge of the cliff. Medieval streets like veins forming irregular shapes. Modest and compelling, pleasuring the eye of the explorers dared to set their foot on San Marino. You will not be disappointed if you are looking for history and architecture. Plenty of castles, walls, gates and the three towers – Guaita, Cesta and Montale will make your afternoon walk worth it. Do not miss the Neoclassical Bazilica, situated in the north – east part of the city. Mild climate will accompany you, for sure, when you lose yourself in the Medieval atmosphere in the surroundings.


Well, San Marino is in Italy, de facto, so I bet you will not be starving over there – family run restaurants are
waiting for you on every corner.

Nowadays the locals benefit from the thriving tourism which is their main source of income.

Arrividerci e buon viaggio!

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