Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Weird and Wild Facts from all over the World

Earth Globe

Did you know that?

Great Britain pubs

In England and Scotland there are some Churches turned into pubs. Don’t take my word for granted, check for yourself. In Aberdeen “Slains Castle Pub” was originally a place of worship and ceremonies. Now you can "soak away" the time with your colleagues or friends in Gothic surroundings, while enjoying your meal. This is what I call Marketing campaign outside the box. I guess even if you are going to hell you don’t have to go there thirsty.

In London the “Union Chapel” (operating church), located close to Highbury & Islington Tube station is a venue for various concerts ranging from ethnic to experimental and jazz. You are forbidden to bring your drinks from the pub on the second floor to the first where the actual ceremonies and concerts take place. So, if you haven’t finished your pint be a good Christian and drink faster, otherwise you may miss the show downstairs.   

Chinese habits

In mainland China before the Olympics there was an ongoing advertisement suggesting that people should spit less on the streets. The implication, obviously, was not to embarrass the foreigners and to cause damage to the international prestige of the country.  

Turkish coffee

Originally, they introduced coffee to Europe. Nowadays, we attribute it to the Italians but still they were asleep when the first Turkish merchant sold his precious commodity.  

Chilean Geography Lesson

How good are you at Geography? Which is the driest place on Earth? The Sahara desert. Think twice! Strangely enough, it turns out that the driest place is actually Atacama Desert, located in Chile, South America. In case you get bored on your trip there you might decide to transfer yourself to the chilly Chilean Antarctic territory for a change.

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