Saturday, 21 December 2013

Prague is like from a fairy tale

There I was, early in the morning, because I planned to set foot on most of the central attractions in  just a day. And I succeeded! Here is my short itinerary.
One variant of covering the main area is the following walk. My starting point was the Main Station (Hlavny Nadrazi) Then I went north to Old Town Square (Astronomical Clock). Once done with the sightseeing, I passed Charles Bridge to Little Town. Depending on your stamina, on your way back you can add going to Vyskov- just follow the eastern bank of the river. 
Prague Castle viewed from the Old Town

Observing the walls and cornices, you will spot the blackish colour ,which emphasizes the age of the buildings. You will realise that, compared with Vienna (white marble), Prague creates a miniature of Medieval environment. To be honest, the older the better is my motto when I visit a city. You may disagree with this statement, though!

Josefov Quarter

The Jewish community is historically connected with the city's development. Their culture was flourishing despite the several acts of persecution. Right outside the museum in Josefov there were people selling souvenirs. If your budget is limited, I would suggest you skip the museum, since the ticket is expensive.

Changing the clock of the saints

 I did not bother to read much about the historical background of the place. The result was, when all the people around me were staring at the famous clock, one loser (I) was staring in a different direction. Fortunately, I managed to turn my eyes and admired the moving figures of the apostles.

The river Vltava

Charles Bridge

Spanish tourists accompanied me everywhere- the first time I saw that many. Crossing Charles Bridge I felt as if I were going to a solitary island. It seemed designed by our creator just for me (and the 10 thousand tourists around me) to appreciate. Multiple statues of saints were hanging over, frozen in odd postures.
The red rooftops in Little Town (Mala Strana) caught my attention during my stroll. They are a typical characteristic of the region and ,in my view, add to the cosy and warm atmosphere.

Cathedral St Vitus in PragueHotspots 

(do not miss unless your cultural life is limited to admiring the local brewery)

Powder Tower (Square of the Republic), through which the Bohemian Kings used to pass on their way to coronation,the Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, St Vitus's Cathedral, Vysehrad...

 In case you don’t have a clue what to do after Prague, why don’t you try Brno

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