Friday, 13 December 2013

Oban or the little Venice of Scotland

The town is a perfect starting point for exploring the Inner Hebrides Isles and the Outer Hebrides if you dare to do so.

I visited Oban in February. Since it was out of the season, the town wasn't crammed and although a bit chilly the weather was just right. It occurred to my mind that this place can compete with the Italian resorts and the only reason it lacks popularity is..... the Scottish weather.  Its harsh characteristics can scare some of the sybaritic visitors. The gust of wind will occasionally blow through your hair and take away all the unnecessary stress from everyday life. Nothing can be more rewording than watching the ferries sprinkled over the sea from the harbour.

View port of Oban

Food and Customs

Numerous restaurants are available ranging from exquisite oriental cuisine to fine local seafood. For those of you with limited budget you can rely on Spar just 5 min from the centre for buying groceries. What you will find peculiar about Oban and the whole West Scotland is that locals often speak Gaelic. It’s rarely seen in the eastern regions of Scotland. Even the majority of signs are translated in both English and Gaelic. To my ear it was quite distinctive and catchy sound. I, suddenly, found myself among the elves in the fairy tales.

I was staying at a hostel but in a private room for two. Quite impressed with the conditions: TV set, bath tub, spacious enough to turn around.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone planning a holiday in Oban.

Things to do:  

Shopping: In case you want to replace your old pair of shoes you can find nice deals, try to check the shops on the small streets. I will leave you use your intuition to discover them. You may also be interested in the local shops selling Celtic souvenirs, Whiskey and jewellery. 

Places worth visiting in the region:

Kilmartin Glen – a remarkable location rich in Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments.
Ferry links to Inner Hebrides: Isle of Kerrera, Lismore, Isle of Mull (Iona)
Take a stroll while going to the ferry at Kerrera. Otherwise, you may miss picturesque scenery.
Ferris to Outer Hebrides (more than 5 hours) – Castle Bay, Lochboisdale

Ferry Timetable here

Oban Bay View from Ferry

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Oh my.. With just looking at the pictures.. I'm really amazed by the beauty of Oban. I also heard that they have oban wildlife trips as tourist attraction. Must be a really diverse place to explore.